Bringing Our Gifts

Bill Robertson
January 31st, 2011

What I see happening from a spiritual standpoint in 2011

I see individuals being compelled to share their gifts with the larger world. There may be many compulsions at play and pressing for form. A lot of potential is present for chaotic happenings, confusion and heartache. Those attuned to the spiritual plane bring their gift with discipline and love, regardless. It will be received. It will be so authentic as to be compelling to a larger body of response. The Divine presence on earth will intensify. Sweet heaven or awful hell – those will be the ultimate choices. They always have been. A period of Grace will flower in the midst of this. We can model and teach being in the eye of the storm. The beginnings of new solutions will start to reveal themselves. Optimism and care for a new way and new possibilities will emerge. Distinctions will be made between Truth and lies. The Light will shine and reveal what it will reveal.

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