The Time For God’s Will on Earth is Now

Carol Robertson
January 31st, 2011

What I see happening from a spiritual standpoint in 2011

For Myself:
I see an even deeper letting go to “Thy Will not mine be done”. My deepest wants are slowly giving way to this Truth. There are factors in my life at the moment that insist that this be so. This is not a matter of “If I do this maybe God will change His/Her Mind about this”! Rather it is a complete willingness to yield control to the Inner/Cosmic Reality. I do not see this as a quickly finished process. There is a deep well of Love in me. The world around me needs to feel, hear, and know this more fully, more passionately.

In General:
I feel that this is the time of “Time Being Shortened”. There is only NOW in which to act from highest heaven – the will of the Father being done under the direction of the Son through the Spirit of the Holy Ghost – to paraphrase an old saying. There is an openness in the collective consciousness of mankind at this time that will allow this to penetrate more fully if those of us who can understand work in concert, playing our own parts.
I sense that there will be a need for deep compassion in this process. While I may be fierce within myself, others may not be able to hear it that way. The presence of Love and Truth must be consistent in each one of us, without judgment of appearances. How the world may look outwardly in one year’s time, I have no idea. I do sense, however, that the ‘climate’ will be very different.

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