Increase of Spiritual Presence on Earth

David Washington
February 8th, 2011

What I see happening from a spiritual standpoint in 2011

I see an immense opportunity continuing to open for this world to come closer to unified spiritual expression. While circumstances in our world may look normal or perhaps seem to be getting worse to some observers, I see the number of spiritually aware people increasing as a proportion of the human population as a whole. This is important because each spiritually aware person is an aperture, an opening into the world, for the presence of Being. As the aperture for spiritual presence increases in size, the intensity of the presence of Being increases in the world as well. In 2011, because of the increasing presence of Being, the reordering of the patterns of this world, including the patterns in the consciousness of humankind, will continue bringing both the order of integration and the chaos of disintegration.

As this solar year officially turns into the next in 2012, the shift of the galactic influences that characterize the new solar age will be increasingly present and experienced. The universe is increasingly supporting the return of humankind to a state of wholeness as the spiritual focal point for this planet.

It is thrilling to acknowledge the fringe-jacketed visionaries of the sixties singing and proclaiming The Age of Aquarius; to actually be living through what was declared. This acknowledgment extends to countless others who, through the annals of time, singularly and in small groups, have held sacred the seed experience of spiritual Presence which we are on the cusp of realizing in greater experience than ever before in recorded history.

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