Ways to Participate

  • Creatively engage with people around the world or around the corner.
  • Explore the different ways you can connect with others who are doing this work.

A)  Monthly Presentation

Participants listen in person, on the telephone, or over the internet to a monthly presentation that is relevant to the creation of The Creative Field. The themes explore the spiritual principles that allow a person to live a fulfilling life. There will also be an enlightening exploration of a person’s human experience as they open more deeply to the creative process.   Participants have the opportunity to share their own meditations with the people who offer the lecture.

B)  Small Groups

Participants attend a monthly small group session for 75 minutes, either in person or by telephone. They work with the transforming factors in their own awareness, and support others doing similar work. Themes from the monthly lecture that have relevance to our emotional and spiritual development are highlighted in the work of the small group. Thoughtful questions for self-discovery are considered. From this, new and deeper inspiration may arise about how we can more fully live our truest intention for our lives.

As participants develop their own experience in The Creative Field, they have the opportunity to host their own small group.

C)  Subscriptions

Participants subscribe to the aperiodic Journal of the Creative Field and/or to The Pulse of Spirit, a weekly message by e-mail. Both are offered on a donation basis.

You can participate in one or more of the activities – A, B or C above – without participating in the others. Whichever you choose, you will have the opportunity to generate the creative field of awareness and energy which this project is intended to create, and to hold that field for others.

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