BBSRadio: The Creative Field Radio Program

October 20th, 2011

This coming Sunday night, Oct. 23, 2011, 8 pm Pacific Time (PDT), I am hosting an internet radio program on (Station One) called ‘The Creative Field’. The program will be ongoing every second Sunday at 8 pm PDT.

The Creative Field is sponsored by EDL BC and Edenvale Retreat Centre – Abbotsford, B.C. with the intention of providing the opportunity to listen to speakers around the globe who will share ways in which we may co-create a sustainable future together. It also welcomes and provides space for calls from our audience – pertaining to the topics being discussed.

Listening and calling in from anywhere in the world is FREE. All you have to do is log into and go to Station One – 8 pm. You will find us there. You will see numbers that you can call in on – so please join us if you can!

Here is a direct link to the show:

In our opening program I will be interviewing David Karchere – Sunrise Ranch, Colorado, . David is the Spiritual Director for Emissaries of Divine Light, a writer, a poet and a teacher of personal development programs. He is an initiator of the Creative Field programs throughout the world.

Please tune in, and pass the word if you would:  The Creative Field Radio Program is airing every second Sunday at 8 pm Pacific Time (PDT) starting Oct. 23!!!

Jeannie Martin

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