Living in Attunement in 2011

Miriam Platt
February 7th, 2011

What I see happening from a spiritual standpoint in 2011

I do sense a fresh opportunity this year with more openness to possibility than 2010. Whatever happens in my world depends on me. The action of spirit will, as always, take purposeful intent, but I feel the energy in the collective and my energy is up for that. I see the importance of clearing the heart space…purification preceding blessing. As I let love flow, I see that all the metaphors I might use for how I would create and describe the way forward are encapsulated in “living in Attunement”.

My intent is framed in these words:

I will keep the heart fire
of the Sun
in my heart.

I will allow the bright flame
of illumination
to burn the dross.

I will conjoin my light
with your light
in strength of
to reveal the One.

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