The Old Burns Away as the New Emerges

Sarah Jones
February 8th, 2011

What I see happening from a spiritual standpoint in 2011

I feel increasing clarity in the coming year. I feel old patterns shifting, old ways of being falling apart and a new way emerging. It feels like a radiant light gently, gradually burning away the mist, exposing a glittering reality. The burning away is gentle and gradual, and also unstoppable, relentless. I would imagine this might be difficult for some people to experience. It might feel piercing for some, frightening. Perhaps they don’t feel that they’re ready for such brightness. I feel a responsibility to serve in this venture, this adventure – to guide, to soothe, to soften. Like an artist with gentle brush strokes creating a beautiful piece of art. I feel an awesome responsibility and the joy of living in this radiant light.

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