Armageddon or Nirvana: The Choice is Ours

Carol Travis
January 26th, 2011

Carol Travis

What I see happening from a spiritual standpoint in 2011

With 2011 barely underway it is apparent that the energetic intensity that has been building over the last several years continues to accelerate. The news stations broadcast daily reports of financial pressures, environmental deterioration, vitriolic political volleys, extreme weather patterns, drug cartel atrocities, ongoing foreign wars, terrorist attacks, and devastating public violence by mentally unbalanced individuals.

From an earthbound perspective the current state of world affairs bodes an increasing and impending variety of megalithic disasters. On the other hand, from a spiritual perspective, the increased pressure on humanity’s fragile status quo could provide the necessary heat to catalyze an unprecedented shift into a new paradigm of relationship with Life’s noble and sacred nature. Such a shift would change man’s relationship to his fellows and to all of earth’s kingdoms to a life giving and heart fulfilling synergy.

Once it is recognized that man cannot control the forces of nature, no matter how advanced he has developed the ability to predict weather patterns; once he sees that security cannot be found in national, cultural, geographical, political, financial, military, religious, medical or virtually any other man- made technology, he may reach a point of a great enough humility to open his heart and mind to an invisible source beyond his self-created and self-serving imaginings.

In 2011, the very elements that have engendered a growing sense of fear and helplessness in people around the world may become the very channels that cause them to hear, and heed, the healing voice of their own inner Being. In receiving the wisdom of this inner voice, clear direction, understanding and creative genius may be known and followed in trust.

As this is so, 2011 can be the portal to a new world of peace, love, balance and beauty. This reality awaits the world in the essences of humanity’s own true character. It needs only to be expressed through enough people to reach the necessary threshold to influence and activate the whole human race.

There are many who are currently awakening to the reality of their own sacred nature. There are many who already offer selfless and generous service to their fellows in myriad ways, in all cultures and fields of endeavor. As we each model this character in our own lives the potency of our shared spirit increases exponentially. As we recognize, praise and encourage it wherever it may be seen; as we cherish, bless and steward with love and wisdom all that is given to our care, we share in the creation of the new world that is rising . The magnetic force of Life itself is drawing together those who share this vision and spirit. For those with eyes to see, this is indeed happening in 2011.

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