The Creative Field Project

The program is structured so that people may participate at various levels. The key element, at whatever level a person participates, is intention. The intention of The Creative Field is to create and participate in an ever-expanding field of love. Most of the activities of The Creative Field are without cost to the participant. We encourage participants to contribute financially to support the project.

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The Creative Field Options
As The Creative Field project has evolved thus far, here are the ways a person may participate:
A) Small Groups
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B) Monthly Teleconference
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C) Subscriptions
Participants may subscribe to the aperiodic Journal of the Creative Field and/or The Pulse of Spirit, a weekly message by e-mail. Both are offered on a donation basis.
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The Creative Field is an initiative of Emissaries of Divine Light, which has its headquarters at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. Most of the activities of The Creative Field carry no cost to the participant. We encourage participants to donate to the project to assist in making it available to people around the world and to offer something back in gratitude for their own experience. Donations may be sent to:
The Creative Field
100 Sunrise Ranch Rd.
Loveland, CO 80538

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